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vtkContainers Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
vtkAdaptorContainerAbstract interface for container adaptors
vtkContainersAllocator< T >
vtkContainersAllocator< T >::rebind< U >
vtkContainersAllocatorBaseManagerManages the vtkContainersAllocatorBase singleton
vtkAssociativeContainerAbstract associative container for objects
vtkAssociativeIteratorAn iterator for vtkAssociativeContainer subclasses
vtkContainerAbstract container for objects
vtkIteratorAn iterator for vtkContainer subclasses
vtkObjectBaseDequeA deque object for objects
vtkObjectBaseDequeIteratorAn iterator for vtkObjectBaseDeque subclasses
vtkObjectBaseHashMapA hash map object for objects
vtkObjectBaseHashMapIteratorAn iterator for vtkObjectBaseHashMap subclasses
vtkObjectBaseListA list container for objects
vtkObjectBaseListIteratorAn iterator for vtkObjectBaseList subclasses
vtkObjectBaseMapA map container for objects
vtkObjectBaseMapIteratorAn iterator for vtkObjectBaseMap subclasses
vtkObjectBasePriorityQueueA priority queue container for objects
vtkObjectBaseQueueA queue container for objects
vtkObjectBaseSetA set container for objects
vtkObjectBaseSetIteratorAn iterator for vtkObjectBaseSet subclasses
vtkObjectBaseStackA stack container for objects
vtkObjectBaseVectorA vector container for objects
vtkObjectBaseVectorIteratorAn iterator for vtkObjectBaseVector subclasses
vtkObjectDequeA deque container for objects
vtkObjectDequeIteratorAn iterator for vtkObjectDeque subclasses
vtkObjectHashMapA hash map container for objects
vtkObjectHashMapIteratorAn iterator for vtkObjectHashMap subclasses
vtkObjectListA list container for objects
vtkObjectListIteratorAn iterator for vtkObjectList subclasses
vtkObjectMapA map container for objects
vtkObjectMapIteratorAn iterator for vtkObjectMap subclasses
vtkObjectPriorityQueueA priority queue container for objects
vtkObjectQueueA queue container for objects
vtkObjectSetA set container for objects
vtkObjectSetIteratorAn iterator for vtkObjectSet subclasses
vtkObjectStackA stack container for objects
vtkObjectVectorA vector object for objects
vtkObjectVectorIteratorAn iterator for vtkObjectVector subclasses
vtkSequenceContainerAbstract sequence container for objects
vtkSequenceIteratorAn iterator for vtkSequenceContainer subclasses

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