The vtkContainers library
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vtkContainers is a container library for VTK providing list, deque, and vector sequence types; set, map, and hash map associative types; as well as stack, queue, and priority queue adaptor types.

All container implementions, except hash map, are wrappers around an internal C++ STL type. Similar to a vtkCollection, all containers register objects on insertion, unregister them on removal, are wrappable into other languages, and are covered by a unit testing suite. vtkContainers also provides many unique capabilities, higher performance, and support for object level locking.

Though the standard vtkCollection is an excellent general purpose container type that serves the internal needs of VTK very well, specialized containers are often needed for application-level support. vtkContainers originated as the implementation of a simple stack class for use with parsers or transaction systems and a simple map class for accessing C++ objects by name. The current library grew from the desire to complete the concept by providing all applicable STL container types and their iterators.

Tested Platforms
  • i386 Linux 2.6.x g++
  • SPARC Solaris 8, 9 g++
  • i386 Win32 MSVC++ 7.1
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